In a medical emergency, time is everything.
Developed with Nursing Staff over many years for the monitoring of patients with Epilepsy the BLA86 series Tenant Care System is a multi-room Audio Event and Call Monitoring system that automatically assists in identifying possible Seizure Events and immediately Alerts nursing staff.  Via the remote stations staff are alerted to unusual events such as coughing, calling or banging noises or by staff or patients pressing a call button. These alert the staff that something has happened within that room and staff can talk back to the rooms’ occupant to assess and identify the situation or attend.

bedheadB.L. Acoustics Limited have over 15 years experience in providing and maintaining specialist audio monitoring systems for Epilepsy.  Our team of Acoustic Engineers can provide full bespoke systems to meet the exacting demands of our clients. We also provide a comprehensive service programme for our systems.

  • Multiple Intuitive Touchscreen Control Stations which can be portable
  • Easily select which rooms to monitor on any station to pass control to others
  • Two-way Audio Communications
  • Simultaneous Room Monitoring or Listen to a Single Room
  • Audio Event Alert Triggering
  • Manual Call Alarm
  • Interface with Third-party Equipment such as Bed Sensors, Door Contacts & PIR’s etc.
  • Secure Room Privacy Mode
  • IP Addressable Systems
  • User Adjustable Sensitivities & Volumes for each room
  • Integrate with Emergency Radio Paging or CCTV systems

Download the BLA86 – TenantCareSystem Spec Sheet

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