B.L. Acoustics can supply and install a wide variety of audio visual and conferencing equipment.  There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ AV system.  Any AV project begins with a consultation with the client followed by a thorough analysis of what is required and how the client plans to use the system.  A system can consist of any of the following elements:

– Large format HD displays
– Projectors and mechanical drops
– Conferencing microphones (wired / wireless)
– Radio microphone systems
– Control systems & room automation
– Touchscreen control panels
– Integrated music systems
– Video and presentation equipment


Something that is common to most AV systems is a display.  There are many options to choose from depending on the application.  The required screen size is quite often the determining factor so we can provide the latest specification screens for sizes up to approximately 70″ or for larger sizes we can supply projectors or video walls.  Projectors and their associated screens can be automated so that the screens retract and the projectors disappear into the ceiling out of view.

Interactive displays

Almost any display can be interactive.  For existing displays we can provide interactive overlays that can convert your legacy screens into interactive displays or provide new large format touchscreen displays.  We can also supply specialist touch solutions for non-regular surfaces, whether that be for table-top displays, projected whiteboards or interactive window displays.

Digital Signage

The world of retail is changing and its becoming even more important for brands to reinforce their identity.  Large digital signage solutions together with high impact content can enhance  the customer experience.  Interactive displays can help bridge the gap between online and traditional retail.

Control Systems

At the heart of a complex AV system is the control system.  A large system can be crammed full of confusing technology.  A well designed control system and user interface can simplify the operation of the system for the user.  An everyday user does not want to be worrying about how to set up the AV equipment while preparing for a large presentation, so simplification is key to providing system that simply works for the client.  Our specially designed control solutions enable coordination of the entire presentation environment with preset scene selection for multi-room uses. We can produce custom control system User Interfaces that can control all parts of the remotely-controlled or monitored hardware within the AV and associated systems.
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