B.L.Acoustics are independent consultants with an excellent reputation and track record providing :
– Thorough investigations of problems, to include formal report writing and litigation matters.
– Solid engineering in mechanical / architectural solutions, where necessary, innovative.
– Budgetary comment, providing the proposal and prepared to provide the installed, tested solutions.
– Calibrated equipment to provide comprehensive measurement.
– Prediction processes using CAD based packages.
– A uniform service at the Client’s pace, determining time restraints and milestones.

model2Our activities include :
– Reproduced sound
– Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems to EN54, BS5839 & BS7443.
– Design & build of Recording Studios, Music & Practice Rooms.
– Architectural acoustics, surfaces and room acoustics.
– Noise problems involving noise nuisance, planning, licensing.
– Environmental issues.
– Noise assessments (Noise at Work Act 1989) for Health & Safety issues
– Commercial Noise & Vibration separation to include Recording Studios, Research Laboratories, Factories, etc.
– Vibration measurement.
We provide consultancy in the form of:
– Architectural acoustics
– Audio engineering
– Environmental Noise & Planning

Architectural Acoustics

model1With the open plan visions of many architects come large scale acoustic problems, all needing special attention and pre-planning to prevent a poor result. BLA provide engineered prediction analysis with the controlled outcome. We attend meetings, bringing experts together, driving the subject before problems set in.

– Site work (meetings and liaison)
– Measurement (or historic comparison)
– Prediction via CAD
– Project Management and control
– Drawings for architectural designs
– Reproduced sound system analysis and considerations
– Loudspeaker positions harmonised for the best performance

Audio Engineering

BLA have over twenty years experience in Audio systems from commercial to public venues. Electronic / Electro-Acoustic or Acoustic problems are fully analysed with a full system health check or maintenance auditing. Facilities, interfacing and specifications compared for compliance. Services provided :
– New systems installations -hotels, nightclubs, theatres, concert halls, sports stadiums, etc.
– System audit services
– Performance appraisal of individual sound system components
– Outdoor Event noise management
– Permanent venue noise management

Environmental Noise & Planning

We can offer services requiring an environmental noise impact assessment. Noise is in important element to the planning process and can effect many elements :
– Environmental health issues
– Noise at work regulations 1989
– Housing developments PPG/24 Planning & Noise with noise exposure categories (NEC)
– Industrial developments BS4142 PPG/24
– The licensed trade – compliance with the 1989 Noise at Work Regulations
– Leisure industry
– Venue build / refurbishment
– Studio build
– Event planning
– Site noise monitoring

Studio Design

With the development in sound production on the PC, studios are required, more and more, to produce quality demo and track recordings. Properly designed walls and surfaces provide the best performance. We provide all of the disciplines for a turnkey project. Designs are given full analysis to avoid nodal and coloration problems. A Studio acoustics package can include :-
– Acoustic noise analysis
– Sound & Vibration isolation design criteria from room to room / room to exterior
– Uses identified – commercial, broadcast standards, layouts required
– Technical requirements – cable infrastructure, temperature / air movement, lighting
– Budgetary project assessment to assist in project financing
– Create / Form / Integrate with a design team of experts in their field to provide turnkey solutions

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