A commercial Public Address System is used primarily for paging announcements and/or background music.  PA Systems come in all shapes and sizes, from a small single zone system serving a single office block, through to large distributed systems serving a multi-building complex.  No matter how big or small the site is, the end goal is always to produce clear, intelligible communication to the target areas.


With any communication system, the clear transmission of announcements is paramount.  As acoustic consultants we are experts in providing a solution that performs to its maximum within any acoustic environment.  We are fully equipped to simulate, analyse and test for the appropriate solution to ensure it complies with the relevant standards.

Music & Messaging

Public Address systems are often used to provide background music system into selective areas.  Background music can provide a more comfortable environment for various types of building, whether it be a shopping centre, warehouse or sports venue.  Certain types of music have been proven to increase productivity at work, whilst music can also have a positive impact on a customers buying habits in a retail environment.  Music can be provided by way of Radio(FM/DAB), CD, MP3 or a third party streaming music provider.

Routine messaging can also be broadcast through a PA system that would override the background music.  Examples of typical messages are advertising messages, security messages or pre-closing messages.  Messaging can be pre-recorded and scheduled to play at specified times of the day or week. We can provide professionally recorded messages for any situation.  Alternatively we can provide ad-hoc messaging systems whereby the user can record their own messages which can be played back at a later date.


Audio Over IP

There is an increased demand for systems that are able to utilise a sites existing IT infrastructure.  This makes a lot of sense for large sites as it dramatically reduces cabling costs and modern IP networks are highly distributed and resilient.  As with other services (eg, CCTV), bringing the PA system onto the IP network makes it much easier for the site to take control of their assets.  We have experience in implementing systems over both dedicated and shared LANS, as well as wired and wireless networks.  IP connected systems are also an ideal way of communicating over large distances across multiple sites and  between remote locations.

For all systems we interface with Voice AlarmAudio Visual systems, theatre systems and hard of hearing loop systems.

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