The BLA90 is a compact microphone preamplifier designed for use with Public Address and Voice Alarm systems. The preamplifier is mounted to a single-gang faceplate ready to be mounted in any standard flush or surface mounted back-box.

The preamplifier is primarily used to convert microphone level audio signals to line level signals directly at the source, providing a greater signal to noise ratio and reducing the risk of inducing noise into the system over longer cable runs. The preamplifier gain can be adjusted by the use of a gain control on the preamp board. Any paging microphone may be used to connect to the preamplifier by fitting a 9-pin D-type connection. The pre-amplifier provides an optional function for limiting the audio output to prevent over-driving of the amplifier / audio router inputs. The limiter can be enabled by a jumper link on the preamp board.

– Adjustable preamplifier gain
– Selectable output limiter
– Supply range: 12