The B.L.Acoustics BLA47 Audio Conditioner unit is an eight channel unit with individually adjustable gain and three bands of parametric equalisation.

Each channel is an isolated audio conditioner with a dedicated balanced output but can also be mixed with up to three other channels within the same bank of channels. Each eight channel unit consists of two banks of four channels (Bank1: Ch1-4 and Bank2: Ch5-8) and any combination of the four channels within a bank can be mixed to the mixed output. Each channel can also be muted via simple closing contact controls.

– Compact 1U Chassis
– 8 channels of isolated audio processing
– Transformer balanced inputs
– Electronically balanced outputs
– 3-band equaliser for each channel
– Gain adjustment for each channel
– 2 x 4 channel group mixers
– Individual channel muting

Download the BLA47 – AudioConditioner Spec Sheet