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BL Acoustics were engaged to design and install a simple but flexible PA system at All Saint’s Church in Stock, Essex. The Church criteria was to bring enhancement to their services and audio clarity for the choir and congregation, plus a means of adding additional input to the service. Being a small church, this needed […]


As incumbent maintainers and installers of the PAVA Systems at the ICC Birmingham, BL Acoustics were engaged to further upgrade the Voice Alarm systems for the newly refurbished Symphony Hall. The specification required high-performance Music Routing for the Performance Spaces and Bars by utilising the existing sound systems where possible. Music was routed via the […]


B L Acoustics are proud to add another notch to our belt, having successfully completed the replacement of the public address and voice alarm systems at the (formerly named) Arena Birmingham. The old systems were replaced with Bosch Praesideo EN54 compliant systems communicating via a site-wide optical network installed and designed by BLA. Utilita Arena […]

Giving Back this Season

Our Director’s daughter Arya demonstrated a remarkable act of kindness this Christmas season through her idea of a Reverse Advent Calendar.2020 has been a difficult year for all, and after speaking with her parents about the struggles some families face, Arya was inspired to help.Rather than receiving, a Reverse Advent Calendar is Arya’s initiative to […]

Why is my speaker making strange noises?

Loudspeaker interference: Time to be Clear It’s a buzzkill when loudspeakers suffer interference or distortion. More often than not, we assume the fault lies with the speaker—after all, they’re the ones emitting the sound! But this isn’t usually the case. In this post, we’ll try to help you identify/troubleshoot the source of your speaker disruption […]

PAVA System Variations

PAVA System Variations There are many different manufacturers of Public Address and Voice Alarm systems and consequently many different designs. Deciding on the type of system best used in any particular environment can be determined either by the client or by B.L. Acoustics. The type of system wanted can have dramatic consequences on the cost […]