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PAVA System Variations

PAVA System Variations There are many different manufacturers of Public Address and Voice Alarm systems and consequently many different designs. Deciding on the type of system best used in any particular environment can be determined either by the client or by B.L. Acoustics. The type of system wanted can have dramatic consequences on the cost […]

When is a PAVA System required?

When is a PAVA System required? When is a PAVA system required? When you think of alarms, vocal recorded broadcasts probably don’t enter the equation. Many of us exist in the belief that alarms emit high-pitched tones in the event of emergencies. Still, as technology’s evolved and the population has grown, it’s become a recognised […]

8 reasons to maintain your Voice Alarm system

Voice alarm systems are life safety systems. As such, having a regular maintenance regime in place for your system is a necessary requirement.  If you need any more convincing then here are just a handful of reasons why… 1 – Faulty systems cost lives Most fire deaths are not caused by burns, but by smoke […]