ASL ILS Induction Loop Panel

The ILP01 Induction Loop Panel provides an easily mounted induction loop solution for areas requiring localised induction loop coverage. For installations such as railway stations this will be for Ticket Halls, and areas such as platforms, passageways, and concourses. This Induction Loop system helps service providers comply with the Disability Discrimination Act requirements for the hearing impaired, with the minimum of installation work, and of impact to the aesthetics of the site.

The ILP01 Induction Loop Panel is fully compatible and integrated with the Application Solutions range of Public Address and Voice Alarm systems, typically using 1, 2 or 3 loops driven from a M100 100 W amplifier. The location of the amplifier in the PA (Public Address) racks provides increased reliability and reduced maintenance cost compared with local amplifier solutions, and also enables the provision of standby amplification and battery backup.

In London Underground (LUL) applications the ILP01 Induction Loop is suitable for installation either on the wall or on the ceiling above the journey planner board. When wall-mounted it is suitable for installation at 2.5 metres nominal height whereas when ceiling-mounted it is suitable for installation at 3.5 metres nominal height.

Ticket Hall installation normally requires two panels and an optional infill panel, while a single panel can be installed where a smaller coverage area is adequate, e.g. in passageways or concourses. Up to three panels can be driven from the same feeder line in different areas of the same PA zone without loss of performance. Each panel can be connected to the 100 V feeder line of an ASL PA system in the same fashion as a loudspeaker, and an end-of-line (EOL) resistor is fitted on a terminal block in each loop panel to terminate the line.

The ILP01 is fully compliant with AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop System) standard BS EN60118-4, and LUL Induction Loop specifications. When installed as outlined on the following page the coverage area exceeds 6 sqm in Ticket Halls, and is in excess of 2 sqm for journey planners in platforms, concourses, and passageways.

Servicing & Maintenance
Servicing & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance contracts are designed to meet the needs of the Client. We offer PA / VA and associated system health checks, maintenance and audibility testing to BS5839. We also provide system upgrades and changes, remedial works, and problem solving to component level. Reports are provided detailing work carried out and recommendations. Regular maintenance visits increase the operational life of a system.

Induction Loop Systems
Induction Loop Systems

AFILS give direct listening at meetings / conferences for the hard of hearing. It is becoming more common that this system is provided for fully monitored emergency use, initialising evacuation warnings. Single phase and split phase systems produce coverage evenly over the intended area. Privacy from meetings can be designed into the systems with attention to security and importance of limiting transmission.