ASL EAP Emergency Announcement Point

The EAP01 Emergency Announcement Point is housed in an IP65 vandal resistant, lockable wall-mounting?box. It is designed to work with the whole range of ASL Voice Alarm and Public Address systems, and is?normally used for making All-Call emergency announcements to entire facilities. The unit features indicators for ?Busy?, ?Speak Now?, and ?System Fault?, together with a ?Status? indicator.

The EAP01 will operate in an All-Call mode even in the event of processor failure within the Router1, as?required by BS5839 Pt.8. The unit should be connected to Router?s inputs 1 or 2, which operate in the All-Call?failsafe override mode in the event of processor failure.

Hardwired connections to the Emergency Announcement Point interface all LEDs and switches to the
Router, while microphone audio is provided as a balanced 0 dBu (nominal) analogue signal. The EAP01?features a built-in signal limiter to accommodate varying operator technique. The microphone?s processor is?responsible for generating an outgoing 20 Hz surveillance tone which is used to monitor the audio connection to the Router, while microphone capsule monitoring is performed by injection and monitoring of a signal?such that either open or short circuit of the capsule or associated wiring will indicate a fault.

Hardwired connections are provided for the PTT switch, and Speak Now and System Fault LEDs. The cabling?to the PTT switch and Speak Now LEDs is continuously monitored by the Router for open and short circuits.?Field connections are provided on the inside rear panel of the back box by DIN rail mounted terminals

Servicing & Maintenance
Servicing & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance contracts are designed to meet the needs of the Client. We offer PA / VA and associated system health checks, maintenance and audibility testing to BS5839. We also provide system upgrades and changes, remedial works, and problem solving to component level. Reports are provided detailing work carried out and recommendations. Regular maintenance visits increase the operational life of a system.

Voice Alarm Systems
Voice Alarm Systems

Voice Alarm Systems are essentially “Life safety systems” for the controlled evacuation of offices, complexes and public buildings by means of the clear transmission of intelligible messages.