Ateis TERRA IP manager software - Intercom Server license

TERRA Manager provides a integrated, touch-screen GUI-based interface for IDA8 and TERRACOM, oering a intuitive, exible and graphically environment for monitoring and
controlling the audio system. Specic end-user interface can be created to t the requirement and application at hand, using vector-based graphics and the ability to scale images to
meet the custom design criteria.

Users can easily perform a wide range of functional features such as the Paging, Message Routing, Play Messages and Event Scheduler.

Servicing & Maintenance
Servicing & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance contracts are designed to meet the needs of the Client. We offer PA / VA and associated system health checks, maintenance and audibility testing to BS5839. We also provide system upgrades and changes, remedial works, and problem solving to component level. Reports are provided detailing work carried out and recommendations. Regular maintenance visits increase the operational life of a system.

Public Address Systems
Public Address Systems

Office or complex, the design takes the form of an appropriate system. We are able to consider various manufacturers complete systems and solutions to choose the best suited resolve. Large systems can be computer controlled, central or distributed systems are able to change their programming to cope with a building’s internal developments. Medium and small systems are designed with future needs in mind and existing project budgets.