BLAcoustics NMC Powered NM Flush Wall Speaker
Sound Masking?systems are typically installed above?false ceilings producing the sound within the?ceiling voids, but there is not always space above the ceiling for the equipment. ?This is where the?SMarT Sound Masking system can fill the gap. The majority of modern?offices are built using stud walls which have a cavity between them. The SMarT?Transducer can be installed into a stud wall and utilise this cavity to produce the same?levels of privacy.?Injecting a shaped sound directly into the wall cavity, the?system also excites the wall itself providing a two fold?approach. Not only would you be unable to understand speech?from the room next door but even if you were to place your?ear or listening device to the wall the SMarT Transducer would?destroy the intelligibility.?The SMarT can be used in conjunction with other systems to?produce extremely high levels of privacy where security and confidentiality is of premium?concern. The units are 100mm deep and are 250mm x 250mm square inside the wall cavity. The?external facia can be standard white or coloured to suite the room d?cor. Systems must?only be setup by qualified Acoustic Engineers with the appropriate Type1 calibrated SPL?third octave measuring equipment.
Noise Masking
Noise Masking

The principle of ‘Noise Masking’ involves the production of a noise that effectively competes with other noises that are recognised as an annoyance to the recipient. Noise Masking, often referred to as ‘Sound Masking’, is an important component of creating a comfortable working environment in office areas.