PAVA System Variations

PAVA System Variations There are many different manufacturers of Public Address and Voice Alarm systems and consequently many different designs. Deciding on the type of system best used in any particular environment can be determined either by the client or by B.L. Acoustics. The type of system wanted can have dramatic consequences on the cost […]

When is a PAVA System required?

When is a PAVA System required? When is a PAVA system required? When you think of alarms, vocal recorded broadcasts probably don’t enter the equation. Many of us exist in the belief that alarms emit high-pitched tones in the event of emergencies. Still, as technology’s evolved and the population has grown, it’s become a recognised […]

Traffic Noise Assessment

Traffic Noise Assessment B L Acoustics were commissioned to carry out a Calculation Road Traffic Noise (CRTN) survey at a depot in Slough. There is currently a planning agreement for the redevelopment of the site’s existing vacant car park and the trans-shipping facility there.The distribution centre and head office in Slough has a reasonable level […]

We’re hiring!

We have an exciting opportunity for a Service Engineer to join our team. B.L.Acoustics Ltd operate within multiple areas of the audio industry but primarily within the Public Address & Voice Alarm sector. We are looking for an enthusiastic and well-organised individual who has proven skills in fault finding, diagnosing and resolving technical problems. You […]

We have moved!

We have moved our offices and workshop facilities to a brand new location.  B.L.Acoustics have been located in Eastways, Witham for over 25 years, but eventually we decided that the current set up and space was no longer working for the business which has continued to grow and evolve.  We have spent the last few months re-configuring and […]

8 reasons to maintain your Voice Alarm system

Voice alarm systems are life safety systems. As such, having a regular maintenance regime in place for your system is a necessary requirement.  If you need any more convincing then here are just a handful of reasons why… 1 – Faulty systems cost lives Most fire deaths are not caused by burns, but by smoke […]

Spotlight On: Voice Alarm in Tunnels

Lets face it.  A road tunnel is a pretty horrible place to be.  They are very inhospitable, not just to you and me but to sound signals too.  The acoustic environment within road tunnels is generally very active.  Due to the internal surfaces of the tunnel, which are hard with very low sound absorption coefficients, […]